• ZAP Program (Zeros are Prohibited)


    ZAP is an acronym for "Zeros are Prohibited." This program is designed to make sure that all students are turning in assignments on time. Any student who fails to turn in an assignment will be ZAPPED, meaning that student is required to stay after school with the teacher until the work in done or 3:45, whichever comes first. The teacher will contact the parent to inform the parent of the missing assignment and the student will report to that teacher immediately after school. Students will not be allowed to practice or participate in sports or other activities until all missing work has been completed in a satisfactory manner. A student who fails to report to ZAP unexcused will be required to attend ZAP the next day (if the work is not completed), assigned a detention, and ruled ineligible for sports for 3 school days, that day plus 2 more days. (Parents may excuse a student from ZAP for family event, transportation issue, or with permission of the principal, but that child will be ineligible to participate in athletics or activities for the evening in question.) Parents are asked to support the teachers in this endeavor by holding students accountable for their homework and supporting the program, even when it is inconvenient.