• Scholars Program

     In partnership with local businesses, the Lourdes Academy Scholars program will assist students in the career exploration process by:

    1. Visiting businesses and talking with professionals working in the field.
    2. Narrowing down areas of interest to better make choices about colleges and careers.
    3. Learning how the skills they are learning now can translate into careers in the future.
    4. Gaining a better understanding of the businesses that make up our community and economy.


    Location: National Guard Armory & Transportation Center

    The National Guard answers the call when disaster strikes at home and responds to the country’s needs around the world. Visit the National Guard Armory to learn how the National Guard and other branches of the military support operations at home and abroad. Put your skills to the test and see how quickly you can respond to a nuclear biological chemical emergency; test out military equipment and learn how transport operators service some of the Guard’s 50,000 vehicles, right her in Oshkosh. A special snack will be provided to participants.


    Locations: Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department

    Do crime shows paint an accurate picture of a day in the life of law enforcement personnel? Spend a day with Sheriff’s Department to find out. Learn to conduct a traffic stop and a field sobriety test; analyze crime scene evidence to solve a crime, and visit the dispatch center to see how emergency calls are managed.


    Ascension Mercy Hospital

    Careers in the medical profession are limitless. Test your dexterity with the surgical robot in the operating room and see how ultrasound machines help monitor patients during a c-section or other procedures. Students will visit other main areas of the hospital to learn about additional careers.


    Locations: Fox Valley Technical College Spanbauer Center, Basler Turbo Conversions, Sonex Aircraft & the Air Traffic Control Tower

    Learn the legendary history of the Douglas DC-3 aircraft and how Basler Turbo Conversions is rebuilding and repurposing these aircraft for use around the world. Taxi in Basler’s corporate plan to Sonex, a company that manufacturers kit airplanes. Want to build your own aircraft, they’ll show you how. Head over the FVTC to learn about careers in aviation and take to the skies in a flight simulator. Fly the skies or crash and burn? You decide your fate!


    Oshkosh Corporation Global Technology Center

    Tour Oshkosh Corporation’s engineering facility to see the truck manufacturing process from start to finish. Learn everything that goes into making vehicles safe for our soldiers from the materials used and the 3D design & modeling process to the construction. Take your tour to the test track where you’ll ride in one of Oshkosh Corporation’s vehicles to test for traction, grip, shock and a myriad other factors.


    Miron Construction Corporate Office & the new Oshkosh Corporation Global Headquarters Construction Site

    Learn the work involved in coordinating a complex construction project from the bid process to project management and design and watch a project come together. Enjoy lunch at Miron’s corporate offices before heading to the new Oshkosh Corporation Global Headquarters to get a behind-the-scenes look at the building process. Learn the different trades that go into the project and the problem solving involved in keeping the project on schedule.


    Locations: Menominee Nation Arena (home of the Herd), Timber Rattlers Stadium, Lambeau Field

    Visit sporting venues between Oshkosh and Green Bay to learn about careers in sports. From ticket sales and marketing to partnering with the community, the Herd, Timber Rattlers and Green Bay Packers work to bring exciting sporting events to the area.


    Locations: WFRV-TV and Relevant Radio

    Do you have a face for radio or a voice for television? Find out at this exciting Scholars session. Visit Relevant Radio in Green Bay, a Catholic talk radio ministry, to learn how they are spreading the Catholic faith through the media. Students will also meet WFRV Sportscaster Burke Griffin and coordinator Kathy Hoffman and tour the studios.


    Locations: Great Lakes Equine Clinic and Valley Veterinary Hospital

    Dr. John Lorfeld will take students behind the scenes at Valley Veterinary Hospital to show how their staff focuses on the wellbeing of dogs and cats. Dr. Lorfeld, a Purdue graduate, has practiced veterinary medicine for more than 35 years and hosts his own monthly radio show about veterinary medicine and health. Students will also visit the Hortonville Great Lakes Equine Clinic to observe how the staff provides field, emergency and rehabilitation services for horses.


    Locations: Horicon Wildlife Area & Explorium and Pernaat’s Meat Processing

    Take a guided tour/hike with and educator-naturalist at the Horicon Wildlife Area & Explorium. Learn the fascinating history of the Horicon area and identify wildlife that are part of the area’s ecosystem. Work with a DNR Wildlife Biologist to learn how biologists work together with wardens, technicians and others to protect wildlife and study the whitetail deer aging process. Visit Pernaat’s to see where white-deer are processed during the hunt.


    Locations: Winnebago County  Courthouse

    Tour the newly-renovated Winnebago County Courthouse to see the safety features that have been incorporated into the historic building. Then experience the legal process from different perspectives including the defendant, attorney, district attorney and judge. Sit in the jury box to hear a mock trial and decide the fate of the defendant.


    Locations: Verve a Credit Union, Robin’s Nest Floral and Tamara’s the Cake Guru

    Tour the area’s fastest growing credit union to see different aspects of the business from different departments, and shoot a commercial with Merve in the company’s studio. From a well-established business, travel across town to see how two small businesses operate and the challenges they face. Learn how Robin’s Nest Floral and Tamara’s are growing and expanding their start-up businesses. Test your skills decorating a cupcake and creating a corsage.

  • Decision Tree Mentoring

    Lourdes Academy offers students many opportunities to explore and experience a variety of careers prior to entering the workforce. One such program, Decision Tree Mentoring (DTM), matches alumni with current students or recent graduates to share their experiences in their career field. A match can be as simple as a phone conversation or could evolve into a job shadow or internship experience.

    This new program has matched students and mentors in the areas of accounting, physical therapy, criminal justice and dentistry.

    To learn more about DTM, contact Karen Boehm at 920-426-3626, ext. 546 or kboehm@lourdes.today.


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