• Facilities Use Procedue


    The Lourdes Academy of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Inc. Board of Trustees recognizes that the members of the Catholic community support the Catholic schools. The schools will therefore be operated for the benefit of the students in the system and the members of the Catholic community.

    The right to authorize the use of school facilities shall be retained by the Board of Trustees through the school administration. Such use shall be permitted only as such time as the requested facilities are free from school- sponsored activities and available for such use. Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be granted to any organization, person or entity or for such purpose as may conflict with any Catholic beliefs or values.


    This procedure governs the use of all system property including, but not limited to classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, athletic fields, concession stands, parking lots, computer labs and audio visual equipment. The administration shall establish written administrative procedures for the use of Lourdes Academy of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Inc. facilities that shall comply with this procedure.


    A schedule of fees will be established by the administration, reviewed by the finance committee and approved by the Lourdes Academy President and the Board of Trustees. The schedule will include fees sufficient to cover operational expenses, including any required custodial services and any additional staff help needed.

    A deposit may be required to be paid when the “Facility Use Agreement” is signed. All or part of the deposit will be retained by the system in the event that clean up is not proper and timely or if the renting group incurs any damages or other costs.

    Authorized Use

    The Board of Trustees authorizes the use of Lourdes Academy of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Inc. facilities by Lourdes Academy organizations and other groups according to the provisions of this procedure. Any group or individual renting a facility owned by Lourdes Academy of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Inc. must not make statements, profess a philosophy, or have a public image that is in conflict with the Catholic Church or with the mission of Lourdes Academy or the Green Bay Diocese.

    Insurance Requirements

    As a precondition for use of the school facilities, entities requesting use of Lourdes Academy facilities are required to provide a certificate of insurance covering commercial general liability, commercial automobile liability (if vehicles are involved on school premises), workers compensation and employers liability (if employees of a business are involved) and commercial umbrella liability. A social activity on the premises hosted by individuals, as opposed to an entity, may also require evidence of personal insurance (Homeowners/Farmowners Policy) meeting minimum requirements. All certificates of insurance must identify Lourdes Academy of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Inc. and the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay as names insured.

    Rev. October 19, 2012

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