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    As a demonstration of our Catholic Christian faith, all students are required to complete 75 hours of community service in order to graduate. Students must demonstrate progress toward this goal by keeping a pace of 10 hours per semester through their first seven semesters. In other words, a first year student must have at least 10 hours on file by the end of first semester and 20 hours on file by the end of the school year. Failure to keep pace will result in an F for Christian Service recorded on the student's transcript.

    Students who belong to a Catholic parish are required to complete 25 hours of parish service as a part of the 75 hour requirement.

    Just to clarify, if a second year student already has accumulated 50 hours of service, they need not worry about failing if they do not have 10 per semester. They are already on track in order to graduate with 75, if they keep up their current pace. The requirement of 10 per semester is to prevent students from waiting until the last minute to do their service hours.


    Joe Smith is in the second semester of his first year at Lourdes and has a total of 50 hours already. He does not need to do 10 more for the end of the second semester. He has already accumulated the equivalent 5 semesters, so he will receive a passing grade for service hours.

    Susie Simon is in the second semester of her first year at Lourdes and has a total of 12 service hours. She needs 8 more service hours by the end of the year (semester) to make it or she will receive an “F” for service.

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