• Elementary Fine Arts Programming 

    Lourdes Academy's commitment to the fine arts starts in preschool and continues on through middle and high school. Students' love of music and art is fostered through a variety of educational settings and the link between the arts and academics is unquestioned.

Elementary Spring Concert
  • Choral Music: Lourdes Academy students are introduced to music as young as three years old in our Early Learning Programs. Choral music is a part of the curriculum beginning in 3-year-old preschool and continues on through fifth grade. Starting with All-Day 4K, music class is taught by a certified music teacher and all grade levels meet twice a week in varying amounts of time that is appropriate to the grade level. Students in All-Day 4K through 5th grade participate in Christmas and Spring Concerts each school year, with 3rd and 4th graders also having the opportunity to sing during weekly school Mass. 

    Instrumental Music & Band: Instrumental music is introduced to students in 3rd and 4th grades, with all students learning to read music and play recorders. Starting in 5th grade, in addition to choir, all students participate in band and learn to play an instrument for the first time. 

    Art: Starting in All-Day 4K, students attend art class and are instructed by a certified art teacher. Students are introduced to a variety of mediums, including clay, paints, weaving, drawing, and paper mache. Students are exposed to many different forms of art and given different opportunities to express their creativity. Artwork is displayed throughout the school all year long and is a source of pride for Lourdes Academy Elementary.

    Theater: As part of Lourdes Academy's 3rd grade curriculum, all students learn and perform in a live theatrical performance in front of their peers and family members. Performances often include favorites such as The Elves and the Shoemaker and Charlotte's Web, along with a Poetry Live session. All students also have an opportunity to perform in front of their classmates as least once a year when their class presents one of the monthly Kindness Connections. The annual Christmas Nativity presented by the kindergarteners is also always a school favorite.