• Mrs. Krohn

    Mrs. Krohn - 4th Grade 

    The 4th graders were learning about kinetic and potential energy during our unit on collisions for Project Lead the Way.  As part of a team, they had to use the engineering design process to build a vehicle restraint system to keep a passenger safe during a collision.  A raw egg represented the passenger as it rode on a vehicle down an inclined plane into a wall.  If the egg survived the collision without breaking or cracking, their design was considered a success.                        


    Krohn 1   Krohn 2

  • Mrs. Gallenberg

    Mrs. Gallenberg - 4K All Day

    We are developing authors and illustrators in the 4K class. To go along with the letter we are learning each week through our literacy program, our class makes a book where each student is able to be the author and illustrator by filling in part of the sentence and drawing a picture to complement his/her sentence.  The students are guided through the drawing of each animal and are then given the opportunity to add details which support his/her sentence.        


    Gallenberg 1   Gallenberg 2

  • Mrs. Richards

    Mrs. Richards - K4-5 Music Teacher

    The third and fourth grade students used iPads during music class to show melody is a "line" of music. The children took photographs of lines in the building. Some lines were found on the gym floor, others on various bulletin boards and additional lines were found on the walls in the wiring or heating system. After a line was found and photographed, the children used the photo edit tool called markup to highlight the line. We summarized the "melody is a line" iPad activity with singing the found lines.  


    Richards 2  

     Richards 1


  • Mr. Mullen

    Mr. Mullen - 3rd Grade

    Rocks and Minerals

    The third graders have been quite busy learning about different rocks and minerals.  As part of their investigation, they have done field tests to identify the minerals.  Some of the field tests include a magnet test, a luster test, and a hardness test.  Using the clues they obtained from these tests, the students then matched the minerals to their identification cards.  This hands-on unit really gave these budding geologists a chance to “rock” their skills.


     Mullen 1


  • Ms. Van Zeeland  

    Ms. Van Zeeland - Counselor PK4-8

    Students in 8th grade wrapped up their career unit by attending the annual Oshkosh Chamber Career Exploration Fair at Oshkosh West on Tuesday, October 23. There were over 75 community representatives available to answer questions and provide hands-on activities for students to explore various career paths. Some of the students' favorite activities included the welding simulator, cooking crepes, testing their reflexes and blood pressure, and trying on police and fire equipment. 


     VanZeeland 3

    VanZeeland 5