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    A great deal of strategic planning and prayerful discernment have informed a path forward for Lourdes Academy and the Oshkosh parishes. Today, the pastors at Most Blessed Sacrament, St. Jude the Apostle and St. Raphael the Archangel are joined by Lourdes leadership, Bishop David Ricken, and the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Green Bay in their commitment to the future of the Catholic community in Oshkosh.

    Since the 1800s, Catholic education has been supported by generations of loyal parents, alumni, and dedicated community members. These past generations understood the important role Catholic education plays in growing the Catholic faith in our community. Now, we have an opportunity to continue that tradition by investing in the future of our Catholic school and parishes. It is now our turn to ensure the next generation of Lourdes Academy students has access to these same blessings and opportunities.

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    Updated 10/11/21

  • one by One Campaign Breakdown

    Parish Project Breakdown ($100,000 each)

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    Thanks to the support of Bishop David Ricken and the Green Bay Diocese, 100% of the funds raised in the one by One campaign will remain in Oshkosh. 

    Lourdes Academy serves a vital purpose in our community. A cornerstone of faith formation and education, Lourdes is developing the next generation of religious and lay leaders. Together Lourdes Academy and the Oshkosh parishes are working to grow the Catholic faith in the community.

    And, thanks to the support of Bishop David Ricken and the Green Bay Diocese, 100% of the funds raised in the one by One campaign will remain in Oshkosh. Please consider a gift to the one by One campaign using one of the giving methods below. A sample gift chart helps to illustrate how a gift can be broken down over five years.

    Sample Gift Chart
     gift chart

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    Does your employer offer gift matching? if so, your one by One gift could be multiplied. Inquire with your company about your options.

Methods of Giving

  • Online Giving Instructions

  • Check/Cash/Credit Card/Online Giving

  • Pledges

  • Gifts of Appreciated Assets (Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds)

  • Planned and Estate Gifts

Class Challenges

  • Class of 1999 - $75,000

  • Class of 1970 - $50,000

  • Alumni are taking the lead to encourage their classmates to support the one by One campaign through class challenges. Would you like to initiate a class challenge? Contact Karen Boehm at (920) 426-3626, ext. 546 or kboehm@lourdes.today to learn more.

  • CARA study

  • Would you like to learn more about
    the one by One campaign?

    John Dinegan, President
    (920) 426-3626, ext. 537  |  jdinegan@lourdes.today

    Karen Boehm, Advancement Director
    (920) 426-3626, ext. 546  |  kboehm@lourdes.today

  • one by One Campaign Prayer

    Lord Jesus Christ, We thank you for your great love and for forming us into your holy people.

    You are the One calling us, one by One, into a deeper relationship with You. You continue to call us one by One to share your love with others.

    Strengthen our Catholic school, Lourdes Academy, as a primary way in which You form the Catholic community of the Oshkosh area.

    Keep us focused on You as You make us more faithful, more loving and more generous. 

    Set the Oshkosh area on fire with your love, eager to share the joy of the Gospel and lead all people to the Kingdom of God.  Amen!

    Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!
    Live, Jesus, in our hearts:  forever!