• Volunteer Opportunities at Lourdes Academy

    There are many opportunities to become involved in your child(ren)'s education with flexibility to fit any schedule. Volunteering not only enhances "The Lourdes Academy Way (L.A.W.)" for our children, it also offers you the opportunity to meet other families within the system and experience a sense of community. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your support.

    Each person has an inherent dignity as a beloved child of God.  The Diocese of Green Bay is committed to providing a safe environment in our parishes, in our schools, in our Faith Formation programs, and in all of our ministries, especially those that serve children, youth and individuals at risk.  If you want to learn more about the programs and resources available through the Diocese of Green Bay to live out this commitment, please click on the following link: http://www.gbdioc.org/ministry-formation-portal/safe-environment.html.

    Become a volunteer for Lourdes Academy in just three simple steps. (Please be aware of the following three requirements set by the Diocese of Green Bay that must be completed by all adults who have contact with minors before volunteer service can begin.)


    ***STEP ONE:

    Online Application and Background check (eApps)

    Registration Information - Volunteer

     Please contact Gabrielle Jacobs at 920-426-3626 or gjacobs@lourdesacademyoshkosh.org if you have any questions pertaining to eApps. 

    1. Log on to gbdioc.org
    2. Click the “Protecting Our Children” option at the top of the screen
    3. Click on “Background Checks”
    4. Then click on the eAppsDB link within the text
    5. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to create a new User ID and Password.
    6. Click on the link at the eApps website where it states: “If you do not have a user ID and password, please click here to register”. You will be directed to the New User Registration screen.

    In the first drop down box select Lourdes Academy – Volunteer

    Use the access code:  gbdioc04

    1. Fill out the requested registration information and check the circle marked volunteer
    2. Select the location where you will be volunteering
    3. Select the roles that you will play within the diocese
    4. Fill out the questionnaire
    5. Log out when you are finished
    6. When you have completed the online eApps volunteer application please contact Gabrielle Jacobs (920-426-3626) or gjacobs@lourdesacademyoshkosh.org to let her know this process has been completed.

    ***STEP TWO:

    Protecting God’s Children Adult Awareness (VIRTUS)

    Registration Information

    Protecting God’s Children Adult Awareness (VIRTUS) training is required for all system employees and volunteers.

     Please contact Gabrielle Jacobs at 920-426-3626 or gjacobs@lourdesacademyoshkosh.org if you have questions pertaining to VIRTUS.


    Before attending the Protecting God’s Children session, you will need to register.  This is required of all participants.

     If you do not have Internet access and cannot gain access via school, university, library, work home or other means, please contact Gabrielle Jacobs

    1. Go to virtusonline.org
    2. On the left hand side of the page, click the yellow link labeled “Registration
    3. Choose Green Bay (Diocese) from the drop-down menu, click “Select
    4. Create a user ID and password you can easily remember. This is necessary for all participants.  This establishes your account within your diocese and the VIRTUS program.  If your preferred user ID is already taken, please choose another ID.  We recommend the use of email addresses as user names.  Click “Continue” to proceed.
    5. Provide the information requested on the following pages. Click “Continue” to proceed.
    6. Select Lourdes Academy as the primary location where you work or volunteer. You will be able to add additional locations later if you serve at multiple locations.  Click “Continue” to proceed.
    7. Select the roles that you serve within the diocese. Please check the roles that apply.
    8. Additionally, if you have a title within the diocese, enter it in the box. (i.e. Teacher, Coach, etc.)  Click “Continue” to proceed.
    9. Answer the remaining YES/NO questions and then click “Continue” to proceed.
    10. If you have already attended a “Protecting God’s Children” session, when asked click YES otherwise click NO.
      1. If you chose NO, during the previous step you will be presented with a list of all upcoming session within your diocese. When you find the session you would like to attend, click the circle next to the title.


    1. If you chose YES, you will be presented with a list of sessions that have already been held within the diocese. Choose the session you attended by clicking the downward arrow and highlighting the session, and then “Complete Registration”.
    1. You will see a message on your screen confirming that you have completed the registration process. If you correctly entered your email address during the process, you will receive an email confirming your information.  Additionally your VIRTUS Coordinator may contact you via email with information regarding your continuing training status if you are required to participate.
    2. If you have additional questions about the registration process, please contact Gabrielle Jacobs at 920-426-3626 or gjacobs@lourdesacademyoshkosh.org or the VIRTUS Help Desk at 1-888-847-8870.

     Check online for upcoming sessions: https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/reg_list.cfm?theme=0

    ***STEP THREE:

    1. Sign the Agreement Form in which you agree to follow and adhere to the Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct for Volunteers and submit the signed form to Gabrielle Jacobs, Lourdes Academy Business office. Forms are also available at all school sites offices.