Victor and ELE

    And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

    Matthew 18.5


  • Lourdes Academy Early Learning Programs are designed to align with the mission of Lourdes Academy to prepare students for life, college and a continued relationship with God. Our faith-based programs model respect to self, others and all of God's creations as we emphasize early socialization and academic skills that prepare students for the next level of learning.


  • Our Programs 

    Lourdes Academy Learning Programs allow for flexibility to meet the needs of each individual family. Our administrators and staff will work with you to determine the programs and schedule that will work best for your child and your family. 

    Early Learning Programs


    Child Care Programs



    • Nurture faith development through song, prayer and other activities
    • Develop physical coordination through small and large motor activities
    • Foster academic readiness through observation, hands-on activities, discovery and playful creativity
    • Promote reading readiness, speaking skills and writing though daily activities


    Early Learning Goals 

    • Nurture each child's faith by modeling Catholic values
    • Prepare students for kindergarten both socially and academically
    • Encourage social development through student interaction in both small and large group activities
    • Foster creativity through art, music, physical education, imaginative play and hands-on activities