• Why Lourdes Academy?

  • Student success is our number one priority.
    Lourdes Academy is always striving for academic excellence. We offer a wide variety of academic course offerings including college preparatory classes that prepare students to become progressive leaders of the future. Our curriculum encourages brainstorming and forward-thinking—skills that are necessary for our fast-paced and technology-driven world.

    We focus on strong moral development.
    Through our faith-based education and safe learning environment, Lourdes Academy teaches students about morals, values and good character traits that transform them into model citizens who lead faith-filled lives. Fostering creativity and talents in the classroom helps our students reach their God-given potential.

    We challenge students to help others.
    Service is fundamental to Catholic education. Whether it’s in the classroom or through our extracurricular activities, our students are taught about the importance of helping others. We want our students to build up our community, our churches and our world.  

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