• Back to School Plan for 2021-2022

    Below is the back-to-school plan for Lourdes Academy for the 2021-2022 academic year. Our goal is to keep every student and staff member safe while we provide not only for the academic needs of our students, but the social, emotional and spiritual needs as well. We appreciate your help in allowing us to achieve this!

    As with our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand plans may need to be adjusted based on changing conditions. If this should be the case at any point moving forward, we will continue to take whatever steps are necessary to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe. Creating protocol that is agreeable to all is unrealistic, but our intention moving forward is to utilize the latest information and direction from the CDC, the Winnebago County Health Department, the Diocese of Green Bay and the knowledge gained from the past year within our own system, as we proceed with caution into the 2021-2022 school year.

    Beginning August 18, 2021, Lourdes Academy will follow these adjusted guidelines:

    • Masks and face coverings will be optional on school grounds. As a school staff, we understand that families will make decisions based on their own circumstances. Please know that we respect all decisions and encourage our families and students to do the same.

    • Asymptomatic close contacts will no longer be required to quarantine from school or school activities unless the close contact lives in the same household with the positive COVID-19 case. Household members must use the 7 day and 10 day guidance, as defined by the CDC, for return to school and school activities.

    • Lourdes Academy will continue to contact trace and inform parents or guardians of close contact to a positive COVID-19 case. If a family is notified that their child is a close contact, they may still choose to keep their student home. If a family chooses to do this, students will be required to participate in Virtual Learning/eAcademy.

    • If a close school contact becomes symptomatic, we recommend the PCR test (not accepting rapid). If the test result is positive, they should follow10 day guidance as defined by the CDC. If the test result is negative the student may return to school 24 hours after symptoms have dissipated, as long as they have not received medication within that 24 hours.

    • If symptomatic close contact is vaccinated, Lourdes still recommends testing, but students can return to school after 24 hours of being fever free and symptoms have subsided for 24 hours without medication.

    • In general, we require that any student who is ill stay home from school for at least 24 hours fever free and un-medicated before returning. We ask parents to continue to be vigilant in checking the health of their students each morning and to keep children home if they display symptoms of illness – COVID 19 or otherwise.

    • We will continue to follow WIAA rules. No capacity limits at events.

    Below is additional information on school specific procedures. Please use the navigation below to find updates for our elementary, middle and high school

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  • Middle and High School