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    After School Care/Before School Care & Summer Care Tax forms for 2018 are available in the office now.  I will be sending what is left in the office home tomorrow.

    Wisconsin K-12 tuition tax deduction benefit  Complet a one-page form with your 2018 state tax filing. Click on this link to your savings: https://www.revenue.wi.gov/TaxForms2017through2019/2018-SchedulePSf.pdf


    2018 Tax Tuition Reports-  2018 tax tuition letters that were sent home with your son/daughter on 2/1/19 is for tuition paid January 2018 through June/July 2018. If you'd like to access your August 2018 through December 2018 tax information you will need to sign on to your TADS account.

    1. Log into TADS through secure.tads.com
    2. Navigate to the Billing tab toward the top of your account.
    3. Just above the Accounts - Tuition & Fees header, there should be a link to generate the Household Paid Tuition Tax Report – click this link.
    4. Enter a tax year, and click Submit.
    5. A .pdf file report will generate that you can save, download, and/or print as necessary.

    As this report runs off tax year, multiple school billing years can be listed on this report.

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