• Where Lourdes Academy students have been accepted to college.

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  • Testimonials

    My name is Amanda. I am an international student from China. I like Lourdes because all the teachers are very nice. They understand which part of the class is very hard for us, so they use a special way to help us. There is a very good teacher/student ratio. In each class, they are just a small group of students, so the teacher can help everyone in class. It's more helpful for us, and there is a special class just for international students. This class will help you learn more about American culture, habits and grammar. Come to Lourdes! You will enjoy your high school life.

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  • Enrollment

    • Students are accepted for a term no less than one semester and no greater than four years.
    • Mid-year enrollment is available.
    • A certificate of attendance will be given to those who do not qualify for a diploma for their course work. A certificate of attendance is not a diploma and does not qualify a student for college admission.
    • Only students who have attended school in the United States prior, will be evaluated for acceptance as a senior student at Lourdes Academy High School.
    • An international student must attend Lourdes Academy their junior and senior year to receive a Lourdes Academy diploma.
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  • Skype Information

    All applicants will be requested to have a Skype interview.

    Skype name: lourdes196051

    Skype number: (920)267-7004


    Contact Heather Thorson to schedule your interview: hthorson@lourdes.today

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  • English Proficiency Requirements

    Enligsh proficiency requirements can be satisfied by an ELTiS standard score of 233 or higher.


    The TOFEL Junior Standard assessment must have an overall score of at least 740:

    Listening - 250 or higher

    Language - 240 or higher

    Reading - 250 or higher


    The TOFEL score must be at least:

    Paperscore - 500

    Computer Score - 173

    iBT/Internet-based - 63

    *administered by an official US agency or institution in the US or the student's home country.


    The requirement for the iTEP SLATE is an overall score of 4.5 or higher:

    Reading - 5

    Writing - 4

    Listening - 4

    Speaking - 4

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  • Application Process

    1. Complete the New Student Application for Admission form. 
    2. Send completed International Agency Application to hthorson@lourdes.today. The application must include the following:
      • Academic records - transcripts from 8th grade to current with course description in English
      • TOFEL or ELTiS results
      • Student Bio
      • Certificate of health & medical clearance
      • Two teacher recommendations
    3. Set up a Skype interview



    • March 15: Early acceptance applications due. Our first wave of applications will be considered from this group of applicants.
    • May 31: Final deadline for applications.


    Tuition and Fees

    • The enrollment fee is $300, due at time of registration.
    • International tuition is $11,950; tuition does not include meals or class trips.
  • Become a Host Family

    Hosting an international student is a positive, life-changing experience. You will learn about another culture as well as your own, through the eyes of a teenager from another country. The relationship you form with your student will create a life-long friendship.

    These young people are a gift to our system and our school, bringing cultural diversity and wider perspectives to our classes and our hallways. To support these students, we need host families. 

    Host parents are expected to be just that -- parents. International students need someone to support them, orient them to the local community, occasionally help them with homework, and most importantly, someone to care for them as a parent. Host parents have the full support of the school and the exchange programs throughout the year; while discipline problems are very rare, parents are not expected to deal with them alone. Students come with their own insurance, spending money, and tuition, and many offer a stipend to their host family. 

    To become a host family for a Lourdes Academy international student please complete the short Host Family Information form.

    International Agencies 

    Lourdes Academy partners with several international programs. Click here to learn about each organization and its expectations.