Welcome to Faith Life at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy

  • Catholic Faith Formation

    Curriculum grounded in scripture designed to teach students morals, values and good character traits and go on to lead faith-filled lives. That’s how our Catholic faith is lived out at Lourdes Academy in Oshkosh.

    Through thoughtful discussions, classroom prayer time and religious education, we strive to develop a lifelong faith formation in all our students.

    Lourdes Academy offers many ways for spiritual growth including:

    • Daily prayer and faith integration. Every school day starts with prayer, along with discussions of faith and prayer integrated in all classes throughout the school day.
    • Weekly rosaries and class Masses. Students participate in their faith by leading weekly Mass, starting with our 4-year-old kindergarten students.
    • All-system Masses. At the start of school and during Catholic Schools Week, students at all grade levels gather to celebrate Mass together.
    • Outside-of-school prayer gatherings. Every Friday before school, high school/middle school students are invited to gather in the chapel to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
    • Kindness Connections. A program at the elementary school created to help young students put faith in action.
    • Annual Eucharistic Procession. At the beginning of each school year, Lourdes Academy students participate in a Eucharistic Procession from St. Jude Parish to Lourdes Academy—bringing the Eucharist back home to the high school/middle school chapel.
    • Tuesdays with Mary. Founded by five graduates, Tuesdays with Mary is a ministry for male high school students, teachers and parents who strive to be Jesus Christ’s followers through prayer, brotherhood and example.
    • Service Hours. High school students complete 70 service hours as part of their graduation requirements, teaching the importance of servant leadership.*
    • Life is Beautiful Hygiene Drive. Organized by students and supported by the entire school system and Oshkosh Catholic parishes, the Life Is Beautiful campaign has collected more than 10,000 hygiene items for the Oshkosh Area Community Pantry over the past six years.


    *On April 22, 2020, President John Dinegan in accordance with Board Policy 6031, approved the following ammendments to total service hours due to the CoronaVirus event in Spring 2020. 

    • All students total service hours requirements have been reduced by 5 hours (from 75 to 70 hours) 
    • Parish requirements per student remain the same. 
  • Amanda Zinthefer
    Pastoral Youth Minister - Lourdes Academy 6-12