• The Arts Are Alive at Lourdes Academy 

    Welcome to the wonderful adventure of the Lourdes Academy’s Fine Art’s program. From student artwork throughout our buildings and Central Business Office to performances by student musicians, singers, dancers and actors, our campuses provides countless ways to integrate the arts into a Lourdes Academy education.

    Each day our caring teaching staff engages students to discover and develop the artist within, creating memories that are integral to the formation of the total person. Our curriculum is designed to teach fundamental skills that introduce and reinforce content standards throughout each grade level (K-12). It also seeks to foster self-worth and creative expression with each student.

    Our students sing, draw, sculpt, and perform on a daily basis and our calendar is filled with concerts and events throughout the year. As early as fourth grade our elementary classes take up instruments and form individual bands. Being a part of Lourdes Academy is not just about fostering talent it is about enjoying art, experiencing art, and developing an appreciation for art.

    Not only are the Arts alive at Lourdes Academy but so are the artists.