• Lourdes Academy New Student Referral Program


    Many of our families initially hear about Lourdes Academy through a personal referral from a current school family. In many cases, these existing families not only generate initial interest but also provide the support and enthusiasm to promote Lourdes Academy which ultimately leads to enrolling in the system. To say thank you to these families we will be offering a tuition voucher to the referral family when a new student(s) enrolls at Lourdes Academy.


    In order to be considered as a referral family the following conditions must be met:

    • Complete the referral information sheet. Click here for form.
    • The new student(s) must attend Lourdes Academy for at least one semester, at which time referral credit will be given.
    • Mary Beth Kelly must be made aware of the referral at the time of registration.
    • Only one family may be considered the referral family.
    • Referral credit is:
      • $150 for high school
      • $100 for middle school
      • $50 for elementary school (grades 1-5)
        • with a maximum of $250 awarded per enrolling family
    • In the event the referral family's tuition is paid in full at the conclusion of the first semester a credit will be issued for future tuition unless the family only has a graduating senior.
    • The Enrollment Coordinator will make the final determination on all referrals
    • The referral family must have a student currently in the system

    For more information, please contact Karen Boehm at (920)426-6421 or kboehm@lourdes.today