• Refer a Family to Lourdes Academy Today!

    Earn 25% off tuition

    We recognize that our current school families are often our biggest cheerleaders. To thank you for referring new students and families to Lourdes Academy, we will reward you with a one-year, 25% student tuition credit!

    It’s as easy as…

    1. Spread the word. Let your families, friends, and neighbors know how much you like Lourdes Academy.

    2. Connect. Invite potential families to schedule a shadow day and tour our schools.

    3. Fill out the form. Fill out the referral form with new family contact information.


    Questions on how the program works:

    Q: How does a new family schedule a shadow day or a visit?
    A: Scheduling a day is easy! Contact our enrollment coordinator, Heather Thorson, at (920) 426-6421 or hthorson@lourdes.today.

    Q: Where do I find the referral form?
    A: Fill out the online form here

    Q: Can the referral discount apply to more than one student in our family? 
    A: Yes! For each new student you refer, a 25% credit will be applied, up to a maximum 75% credit for your oldest student. If you refer 4 new students, a 25% credit will be awarded to your second oldest student, and so on. All existing students will pay no less than $500 per year.   

    Q: Who is considered a "new family"?
    A: Any family who does not currently have students enrolled at Lourdes Academy and who enrolls their student(s) at Lourdes Academy full time is considered a new family. Only one Lourdes Academy family can receive credit for referring each new family. The first family to submit the referral form will receive the tuition credit. If a perspective family reaches out to Lourdes Academy on their own, prior to a Lourdes Academy family submitting a referral form, they will no longer be considered a new family available for the referral tuition credit. 

    Q: When will I receive the credit on my tuition?
    A: Referral credit will be awarded to the referring family at the completion of enrollment of both families, by the beginning of the school year. The referral credit will be applied for one year’s tuition. All existing students will pay no less than $500 per year.  

    The tuition credit will be applied to the base, in-parish tuition rate. The credit will not be applied to fees (the additional out-of-parish tuition amount is considered a fee).  

    If the new family withdraws from Lourdes Academy early and does not complete the full school year, the tuition credit will be pro-rated and applied for the length the new family was enrolled at Lourdes Academy.

    Q: Is there a deadline to refer a family? 
    A: There is no deadline; however, we encourage families to refer a new family before the beginning of the next school year.

    Q: Can Lourdes Academy teachers and staff receive tuition credit for their own children enrolled at Lourdes Academy?  
    A: Yes, absolutely! The voice of our teachers and staff is just as important in the community as our families. We’re happy to reward teachers and staff who refer a new family with a 25% tuition credit for their own child(ren) attending Lourdes Academy.

    Questions: Please contact Heather Thorson at (920) 426-6421 or hthorson@lourdes.today