• Participation Requirements


    Current Students

    As an athletic department, we believe that it is great for our students to be involved in activities at Lourdes Academy, including participating in athletics. Athletics are an extension of the classroom and we believe great arenas for educational and life skills training. To be eligible ALL of these requirements must be met prior to the first day of practice:

    1. Student/parent must attend an annual athletic code meeting.
    2. Student must be completely registered/enrolled at Lourdes Academy. This is a WIAA rule and Lourdes Academy policy.
    3. Student must be a full-time student with a full high school course schedule.
    4. Student/parent must read the current 16/17 Activities Handbook, as well as complete the last page of the handbook indicating they are in agreement with the policies included.

    In addition to a signed agreement, students must have the following forms on file:

    1. Current WIAA Physical Form - forms are valid for 2 years and must be completed and signed by a certified physician. Please note: only page 4 (Clearance Form) needs to be submitted for participation. Students with a WIAA physical/clearance form on file from a previous year are required to complete a WIAA Alternate Year Card.
    2. Athletic Emergency Contact Form
    3. Concussion Information Form - signed prior to start of practice (WI State Law 118.293)
    4. Parents are strongly encouraged to complete the simple online Athletic Information Form before attending a code meeting.

    Questions or concerns should be directed to Kevin Wopat, Lourdes Academy Activities Director - kevin.wopat@lourdesacademyoshkosh.org or (920)230-3255


    Transfer Students

    Before you participate, please contact our activities director and set up a meeting. In compliance with WIAA regulations, the activities director must conduct an interview regarding the transfer situation and submit the appropriate paperwork. Failure to comply may adversely affect transfer student eligibility and current good standing status of Lourdes Academy. Once it is determined that a transfer student is eligible (at some level), the Current Student list above must be completed. Only at this time, is the transfer student eligible to participate.


    Foreign Exchange Students

    If you are a foreign exchange student, or an adult in the Oshkosh community considering housing a foreign exchange student, please contact the Lourdes Academy activities director to discuss participation in the athletic programs. The WIAA supports the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and works closely with exchange student organizations who also share in their membership. These exchange organizations are reflected on the WIAA CSIET approved list. Foreign exchange students must meet all eligibility requirements as other current students, including receiving a physical in the United States, with complete results and permissions noted on the WIAA Physical Form. Note: as of the 2010-2011 school year, a physical performed in the student's home country is no longer valid. Exchange students may only be determined as eligible by the athletic director.