• Judy & Tom Kuble Fund

     An Endowment for the Arts

    Click HERE to view the Kuble Fund Video featuring Judy Kuble. 

    The Judy & Tom Kuble Fund was established in 2017 by a group of alumni whose involvement in the music program during Judy Kuble’s 20-year tenure has had a profound and lasting impact on their lives. They established the fund to honor Mrs. Judy Kuble and her husband, Tom, who worked alongside her supporting her in her ministry. The programs initiated by Judy Kuble have become traditions still enjoyed by our current students.


    This permanent endowment held at the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation will support music education by:


    • Funding the Judy Kuble Music Scholarship to support students in their musical pursuits.

    • Fostering a love of music through first-hand educational experiences, such as workshops, clinics, and other education opportunities.

    • Nurturing students as they grow in confidence and character through participation in the spring musical and other performances.

    Your gift to the Lourdes Fund helps support academics, faith formation, the arts and much, much more. Contact Karen Boehm at kboehm@lourdes.today if you wish to support Lourdes Academy and designate a portion of your gift to the Judy & Tom Kuble Fund.


  • Alumni Testimonials

    “As a special thank you for the work she’s done and the impact she’s had on all of us, we’d like to provide Judy with an Encore—a lasting tribute through the Judy & Tom Kuble Fund to support music at Lourdes Academy.”
    ~Leanne Knobloch Schug (Class of 1992)

    “Judy was my (and many of my classmates’) first mentor. She not only taught us we had something worthwhile inside us, she made us want to be better. Diligence. Teamwork. Passion. Joy. These were the life skills we learned in that choir room, skills that are still being used every single day.”
    ~Jens Rasmussen (Class of 1988)

    “The choir room was a safe haven for quiet
    reflection. Mixed chorus and the musical were some of the best transformative and growth experiences in high school. Chorus was a place where cliques didn’t matter and all you needed to bring was your very best effort to every class. Why? Because Mrs. Kuble expected and demanded it, and I don’t know anyone who wanted to let her down.”
    ~Julie Scott Miller (Class of 1980)

    “Judy was the main reason that I got into music education and musical theatre. Her love for music and the students was evident the first time that I stepped into the classroom. I modeled the way I played piano, related with students, and taught music by learning from her.”
    ~Randy Weddig (Class of 1984)

    "Judy Kuble had a way of always making me feel like I belonged.  When I needed encouragement she seemed to understand and would prop me up. When I needed space to explore and grow she gave it to me. She taught me so much! In addition to all that, she opened my eyes and mind to the world of music. I had so much fun making wonderful music with the other students at Lourdes. She started me on a path that I remain on to this day.  I've continued to sing off and on ever since Lourdes, and have Judy Kuble to thank for introducing me to one of my lifelong passions. Her impact on my life is immeasurable. Even now, 40 years later, I am finding it hard to put into words.  All I can think to say is, 'Thank you — I love you. I owe you more than I can say and much more than I can repay. Thank you for believing in me.' "
    ~Anonymous Alumnus

    "Judy Kuble, an energetic woman who was passionate and joyful about music and her students, took delight in seeing boys and girls joining together to sing, connect, harmonize and become a choir. I was part of that woman’s passion. Judy Kuble is a living legend in my book. She was able to bring out the best in us because she believed in us. We loved her for it and showed it through our dedication to her and the music program. Judy and the music program gave me the confidence to be me."
    ~Anonymous Alumnus


  • Judy & Tom Kuble Fund Committee


    Linda Leschke Dorsey (’74)
    Therese Meidl (’76)
    Chris Meidl (’79)
    Michael Timmerman (’79)
    Julie Scott Miller (’80)
    Randy Weddig (’84)
    Tom Branigan (’86)
    Kerry (Branigan) Mitchell (’88)
    Jens Rasmussen (’88)
    Erin (Slattery) Black (’91)
    Brian Mitchell (’91)
    Mike Maslowski (’92)
    Leanne Knobloch Schug (’92), Chair

  • Music Program Fun Facts


    45% of current high school students are involved in the Spring musical.


    Student involvement in music during Judy’s tenure increased



    Kids who study the arts learn to think creatively, which can help them solve problems by thinking outside the box and realizing that there may be more than one right answer.  
    ~National Association for Music Education