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    2021 Season - We are Ready to RUN!  

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    Questions about Cross Country: Please contact Polly Moore at 920-379-1008 or moorefamilyoshkosh@gmail.com


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2020 MS CC Schedule
2019 MS Cross Country Schedule

2018 MS Cross Country Schedule

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    2019 Season Stats - Click Here

    2018 Season Stats - Click Here

    2017 Season Stats - Click Here

2017 MS Cross Country Schedule
  • 2016 Season - Meet Schedule




    2016-09-15 Thursday

    at Perry Tipler -Oakwood School 4:30pm(Girls run first)

    Girls  Boys

    2016-09-20 Tuesday

    at Menominee Park 4:30pm (Boys run first)

    Girls  Boys

    2016-09-24 Saturday

    Lourdes Invitational

    Lake Breeze Golf Course, Winneconne, WI (2 miles)

    MS races


    2016-09-26 Monday

    at South Park 4:30pm(Girls run first)

    Girls  Boys

    2016-09-29 Thursday

    at Rainbow Park

    Lourdes Academy Hosts 4:30pm

    (Boys run first)

    Girls  Boys

    2016-10-03 Monday

    at Carl Traeger 4:30pm (Girls run first)

    Girls  Boys

    2016-10-06 Thursday

    at County Park 4:30pm (Race order TBD)

    6th 7th 8th

    2016-10-13 Thursday

    Trailways Conference Meet

    Boys:Team Scores / Overall

    Girls: Team Scores / Overall

    2016-10-17 Monday

    Awards - Lourdes Commons



    2015 Season


    Date Location Results
    2015-09-17 at Menominee Park (Boys run first)  Girls Boys

    at South Park (Girls run first)

     Girls Boys

    Lourdes Invitational

    Lake Breeze Golf Course, Winneconne, WI (2 miles)

    9:15am MS Girls

    9:45 MS Boys

    10:20 JV Girls

    11:00 JV Boys

    11:30 Varsity Girls

    12:00 Varsity Boys


    Girls Individual

    Girls Team

    Boys Individual

    Boys Team


    at Rainbow Park (Boys run first)

     Girls Boys
    2015-10-01 at Carl Traeger (Girls run first)  Girls Boys
    2015-10-05 at County Park (Boys run first)  Girls Boys
    2015-10-08 at Red Arrow Park (Conference meet) Race order is 8th, 7th, 6th.

     Girls Boys

    2015-10-11 Awards - Lourdes Commons (6-7pm)  

    Trailways Conference Meet hosted by Dodgeland at Horicon

    (8th grade only)