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Lourdes Academy Campus
Proposed High School Rendering
Aerial View School Plan
Proposed Elementary School Rendering
  • Lourdes Academy is committed to investing in transformational educational experiences for its students and growing missionary disciples. In an effort to plan for the future of our system, Lourdes Academy has forged a historic partnership with the parishes of Most Blessed Sacrament, St. Jude, St. Raphael, St. Mary in Winneconne and St. Mary in Omro, as well as the Diocese of Green Bay, that will focus the combined resources of the Oshkosh Catholic community toward the goal of a renovated and remodeled campus. This is a vision that will bring all Lourdes Academy schools onto one campus.

    To study this project, Lourdes Academy and the parishes of Oshkosh, Omro and Winneconne, have engaged in a feasibility study with Changing Our World, a nationally recognized organization that specializes in capital campaign projects for Catholic institutions.

    It is important to note that we are currently in a study phase of this project through the end of July. At that time, Changing Our World will present a summary of their findings and will determine what can be raised toward a project of this nature.

    What will the project entail?

    • A new high school addition;
    • New roof on the existing high school building;
    • Renovation of the classroom wing into an elementary and middle school space;
    • New gymnasium in the elementary/middle school wing;
    • New additional space for an all-elementary Mass, cafeteria, and special parish and community events;
    • An energy-efficient infrastructure; 
    • Dedicated and upgraded space for special elementary programs, such as STEM, Music, Art, etc.;
    • Separate elementary library and technology labs; 
    • Exterior improvements including new parking lot and building facade.

    How was this plan derived?

    A team of individuals (Facilities Master Plan Committee), which consisted of Lourdes Academy staff, current and past parents, alumni, parish representatives, pastoral leaders and community members, met weekly from October 2018 through April 2019 to complete a needs assessment that addressed the entire Lourdes Academy PreK-12 system. The assessment focused on current needs as well as forcasted needs for the near and long-term future. From the needs assessment, a campus plan was developed, which took into consideration the best use of available space, cost-effective solutions and long-term growth.

    What is the estimated cost of the project?

    The cost of the project is estimated at approximately $10 million. While costs are very preliminary, an estimated breakdown is as follows:

    • $5.8 million - High School addition; Elementary School addition; Middle & Elementary School renovation
    • $1.5 million - External Improvements (parking lot, roof repair, etc.)
    • $1.5 million - New Elementary School gymnasium
    • $1.4 million - Mortgage retirement (Central Business Office and Storage Unit properties)

    How is Lourdes managing its finances?

    Lourdes staff and board members worked diligently with the Diocese of Green Bay to address and eliminate the system's debt over the past two years. Lourdes Academy's remaining debt consists of a $1.4 million mortage on the business office and storage unit properties, which will become part of the $10 million building project. With a strong financial management plan in place, Lourdes is focused on growing its resources and endowments to ensure future growth, assist families in need, support staff and maintain its facilities.

    How much money was raised in the last capital campaign effort that began in 2013, and where are those funds?

    In 2013, Lourdes Academy began a campaign to build a new elementary school on the existing middle & high school campus. Two million dollars was raised toward this project. Approximately $500,000 in expenses were also incurred to cover engineering and architecture costs, asbestos abatement, the razing of a building on our campus, consulting fees and other related expenses. The remaining $1.5 million is being held in a designated fund at the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.

    Will the elementary and high school students have regular interaction?

    The newest renderings include a separate high school addition on the opposite end of the building as the elementary and middle school. Elementary students would also have a separate cafeteria for meals and masses.

    When will the plans take effect?

    The feasibility study will conclude at the end of July. At that time, Changing Our World will provide the results of the study to Lourdes Academy along with a targeted figure they feel Lourdes can raise for this project.